1. Cancer Treatment Bells

Celebrate the completion of milestones along patients’ cancer treatment journey.

Cancer Treatment Bells

2. Breast Cancer Treatment Books

A guide for the many questions patients have following diagnosis at their fingertips.

Breast Cancer Treatment Books

3. Stop the Bleed Training

Through Stop the Bleed, more than 5,000 local residents and first responders have been trained in life-saving tourniquet application techniques.

Stop the Bleed Training

4. Hospital Play Area at Bright Star

The new hospital play area will help grieving children process the loss of a loved one who stayed in the hospital or had medical equipment in the home.

Hospital Play Area at Bright Star

5. Stuffed Animals and Books for Emergency Departments

To help distract children from their pain or illness while receiving care in the Emergency Department.

Stuffed Animals and Books for Emergency Departments

6. NICU Beds

Four new beds for the NICU will allow an infant to rest and receive care in one space.
The lid of the incubator lifts straight up allowing physicians and clinical staff to treat without moving the infant.


7. Cell Phone Chargers in Emergency Department Waiting Areas

No one plans a trip to the Emergency Room.
Often, patients and their families need to charge their phones. Now, they can with new cell phone charging stations in each of our Emergency Department waiting areas.

Cell Phone Chargers

8. Heart Pillows for Surgical Cardiac Patients

These specially-designed heart pillows are used by post-surgical cardiac patients to provide comfort and promote healing.

Heart Pillows

9. Center for Family Caregivers

The Center for Family Caregivers provides support through small group meetings, holiday activities, educational materials and sessions, along with a variety of activities that can be done with caregivers and their aging loved one.

Center for Family Caregivers